Spring 2015

PHOBIA is a projection mapped installation about a term I refer to as ‘Digital Claustrophobia’ and the digital environments that we currently live in. The installation is a 4ft by 4ft by 8ft room with all 4 walls made of hanging, rear projection PVC screen. One at a time, a viewer steps inside the structure to experience an audiovisual environment with custom sound and visuals. Rear projection screen allows for a viewer to see projected content on either side with no loss of quality. The visuals projected onto each wall are meant to induce emotions of excitement, discomfort, anxiety, and even paranoia — feelings which traditionally come from people with claustrophobia.

Motion Graphics/Animation: Alec Maassen
Sound Design: Alec Maassen
Documentation: Austin Yu

Special thanks to Noa Kaplan and Casey Reas for teaching the senior project classes.

Creators Project | VICE
Projection Mapping Central
Future of Storytelling

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